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Details That Will Assist You in Deciding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer In Houston

There is a need it comes to your knowledge that the age of consent in Texas 17 years, which means that a 17-year old is regarded as someone who can make their own choices. Lack of knowledge regarding the age of consent is something that has caused most people a lot of problems when it comes to lawsuits. If you are above 18 years and have sexual contact with someone less than 17 years, there are chances you will be charged with a sexual offense. Some of the charges that you can face are an online solicitation, indecency, or even child pornography. You have to know that any of those crimes can send you to jail for up to 20 years, and you will be needed to register as a sex offender when you finish your jail term. It is for this cause that you have to work with a criminal attorney when you face any of the charges so that they can assist you in the process. The article concentrates on the details that will assist you in deciding the best criminal defense lawyer in Houston.

The experience that the criminal lawyer from Mario Madrid Law Firm possesses in the sector is worth checking when deciding if they are okay for the job. You have to affirm that you will work with the longest-serving criminal lawyer since you can be sure that they have substantial experience. There is a need also to ensure that the attorney you are picking has litigated in cases like yours in the past. It is something that will give you the courage that the professionals can assist you to avoid jail or get lesser penalties.

The qualifications of the criminal attorney are worth looking at when deciding if you should engage them. The attorney you choose must have a license from the board of lawyers to practice criminal law in your state. Moreover, you have to ensure that the professionals have not less than a degree in law from one of the recognized institutions. It is a consideration that will offer you the confidence that you will work with an expert who understands the area inside out. Know the age of consent texas here!

Finally, ensure you will take into account the money you will pay for their services. The right move is hiring the attorney who will not charge you more than what you desire to pay for their works. Do not hesitate to demand prices from different criminal lawyers so that you can find the most affordable for you. Find out some more facts about lawyers through

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